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Solutions to automate any process valve Find out more…

Critical Valve automation for Oil Gas Exploration nike air force 1 n7

Critical Valve automation for Oil andGas Transmission nike air max wright black gym red jordan

Critical Valve automation for Oil Refining and Petrochemical Tell me more…

Critical Valve automation for Oil and Gas Transmission Tell me more…

Established in 2003, Ascendant Technologies Ltd. is a privately owned specialist Valve Automation Company serving the global Petrochemical, Power and Oil Gas sectors.

We have ISO9001:2015 certification and pride ourselves in working constantly to provide the best possible service by ensuring that our systems and practices are reviewed and adapted to the demands of a changing industry.

Our staff have many years specialist experience in areas such as tubing, CAD (including 3D) , instrumentation wiring, inspection and testing as well as project management and expediting.

We work internationally with both vendors and clients on five continents. Working closely with our freight forwarders, we can manage the logistics required to get equipment to point of use quickly and efficiently, including export packing . We work closely with our clients and seek to become an integral part of their team – their “out-sourced” Automation Department.

Pneumatic Actuator testing up to 18 bar

Hydraulic Actuator testing up to 350 bar

Hydraulic flushing to both NAS and ISO standards including laser particle measurement

Hydrostatic valve seat leakage testing up to ANSI class 2500

Full functional hydrostatic tests of actuated valve assemblies at full differential pressure

Electric Actuator testing single and multi-phase

Positioner testing and calibration (HART, fieldbus etc.)

Machining, fabrication and modification

Welding and fabrication (including coded)

Painting to customer/project specification

Export packing for road, air and sea transport

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control Panel fabrication

Mounting and testing of Free-issue Valves including Goods Inwards Inspection

GA drawings using Autodesk Inventor 3D

Stress analysis of components using FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Site surveys and Commissioning support

Minimum Depth Distance (Min-Z):

Maximum Range: Approx. 10 meters Accuracy varies depending on calibration, scene, and lighting condition

Maximum Range:

RGB Sensor Resolution Frame Rate: 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps

RGB Sensor Resolution Frame Rate:

RGB Sensor FOV (Horizontal x Vertical): 69.4° x 42.5° (+/- 3°)

RGB Sensor FOV (Horizontal x Vertical):

Camera Dimension (Length x Depth x Height): 99 mm x 20 mm x 23 mm

Camera Dimension (Length x Depth x Height):

Connectors: USB 3.0 Type-C


Mounting Mechanism: One 1/4-20 UNC thread mounting point Two M3 thread mounting points

Mounting Mechanism:

Depth Technology: Active IR stereo

Image Sensor Technology: Global Shutter; 3um x 3um pixel size

Main Intel® RealSense™ Products: Intel® RealSense™ Vision Processor D4 Intel® RealSense™ module D430

Depth Field of View (FOV)—(Horizontal × Vertical) for HD 16:9:
 85.2° x 58° (+/- 3°)

Minimum Depth Distance (Min-Z): 0.11 m

Camera Dimension (Length x Depth x Height): 90 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm

Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series now available for pre-order from the following sites:

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Achieve superior stereo depth and computer vision with the Intel® RealSense™ Vision Processor D4 Series. This accelerator provides dedicated real-time processing at 27 million pixels per second in a small footprint, while offering support for flexible camera customizations. Choose the Intel® RealSense™ Vision Processor D4m for mobile applications.

Processor Specs

Depth Technology Stereo

Depth Technology

Form Factor and Package ASIC BGA

Form Factor and Package

Package Size 6.4mm x 6.4mm x 1mm

Package Size

Process Technology 28nm

Process Technology

Depth Max. Throughput 36.6 MP/sec (848×[email protected])

Depth Max. Throughput

Depth Stream Output Resolution Up to 1280×720

Depth Stream Output Resolution

The AMI (Apparatus for Meridian Identification)works by monitoring the electrical conductivity and capacity at specific acupoints at the tip of fingers and toes (called Sei point, or Jing/Well points). After years of research, Dr. Motoyama was able to show that there is a close correlation between the electrical conductivity of meridians and the flow of Ki (or Chi) in the meridians. The basic research Dr. Motoyama did to support his claim about the AMI can be found in his book “ Measurement of Ki Energy Diagnoses Treatment: Treatment Principle of Oriental Medicine from an Electrophysiological Viewpoints” published by Human Science Press in 1977. Please see below (Dr. Motoyama’s Findings using the AMI)for the pages from this book.

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The AMI measures the electrical conductivity, capacitance, and polarization of skin tissue and fluids; it uses these to evaluate the tissue condition and the functioning of the acupuncture meridians and their corresponding internal organs.

The AMI data tells you:

● The condition of the meridians and the functioning of their corresponding internal organs – lung, large intestine, heart, small intestine, spleen, liver, stomach, urinary bladder, kidney and gall bladder; ● Whether your Ki energy is excessive or deficient ; ● An objective analysis of your autonomic nervous system; ● The effects of acupuncture, meditation, and exercise through continuous monitoring of the autonomic nervous system and Ki energy; ● Chakra type, meaning which chakra is most active/inactive. The data cannot measure the amount of energy in the chakra quantitatively but can indicate which one is activated at the moment.

Extracts from “Measurements of Ki Energy, Diagnosis, Treatments” (1997) by HiroshiMotoyama, Ph.D., Ph.D., Tokyo, Japan, Human Science Press

1) Evidence of Meridians – Triple heater meridian

2) Experiments with Liquid Crystal

Data Obtained Using the AMI

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2) The BP Current mainly flows in the Dermis/Connective Tissue

3) Where Does the Electrical Behavior of IQ, TC and AP take place in the Skin Structure?

BP is a Parameter Reflecting Meridian Function. Evidence suggests that the Dermal Connective Tissue is the Physical Location of the Acupuncture Meridian

Let Your Dreams Define Your Adventure

Join us on a journey that only ends where where the sky meets the horizon

950 USD discount

Discover the secret wildlife treasures of the Falklands

OTL21-18. The Falkland Islands cruise delivers you to the secret wildlife treasures of the Southern Hemisphere. Combining Argentinian and European cultures, the Falklands are home for multiple species of birds including Magellanic, Gentoo, and Rockhopper penguins.

Cruise date:

29 Oct - 7 Nov, 2018


6800 USD 5850 USD 950 USD discount

Full Spitsbergen Circumnavigation

OTL09-18. Take a cruise around Spitsbergen and explore the icy waters of the North Atlantic. This special expedition offers you the chance to catch site of whales, reindeer, Arctic foxes, walruses, seals, and the star attraction, the polar bear.

14 Jul - 23 Jul, 2018

on request

A classic three island voyage : Ice , Inuit and Remoteness

RVR25-18. The Spitsbergen and Northeast Greenland cruise sails waters filled with breath-taking scenery. The expedition passes through areas that are home to seals, seabirds, whales, and polar bears.

28 Jul - 15 Aug, 2018

8150 USD

The best opportunity to spot the King of the Arctic

PLA15-18. Start your North Spitsbergen cruise with a trek around historic Longyearben, then join our expedition to the north of the island to take in the fantastically beautiful landscapes, the thousands of seabirds, and of course the star of the show, the polar bear.

29 Aug - 5 Sep, 2018

3900 USD

Pack ice experience

NOO23-18. The North Spitsbergen cruise sails to some of the remotest locations of northern Europe. The expedition gives you the opportunity to spot historic whaling remains, glaciers, a variety of Arctic birds including the Little Auk, and polar bears.

29 Aug - 9 Sep, 2018

4600 USD

We have a total of 94 cruises

94 cruises Antarctic Peninsula

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In a mid-sized city on the rocky Croatian coast, not quite midway between the northern border of Montenegro and the southern shoreline of Slovenia,...

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