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Curriculum Vitae

I currently teach courses in the sociology of health and medicine, spatial analysis of social issues, environmental sociology, quantitative research methods, and social policy.

My scholarly interests are currently focused on two primary areas—the social determinants of health and the spatial analysis of social issues. With respect to the former, I am exploring racial and class disparities in blood lead levels in young children. Elevated lead levels have been linked to both cognitive and emotional outcomes in children, as well as related social outcomes throughout the life course, such as educational attainment. This research highlights the role of social factors in shaping health outcomes that ultimately inform long-standing questions about the mechanisms and processes behind the social reproduction of inequality across generations. A second body of research uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map the distribution of community hazards, resources, and events to better inform our understanding of the spatial dimensions of inequality and poverty. This research is connected to my course on the spatial analysis of social issues and emerging opportunities for community-based research at Colorado College.

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and Getting Started on GIS

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SO130 -- Environmental Sociology

SO233 -- Spatial Analysis of Social Issues

SO246 --Sociology of Health and Medicine

SO290 -- Socio-Economic Development in Contemporary Cuba

SO290 -- Global Sustainable Development in Theory and Practice

SO301 -- Quantitative Research Methods

SO316 -- Development and Underdevelopment in Africa

SO318 -- Politics, Inequality, and Social Policy

SO451 -- Senior Seminar: "The Wire"

B.A., Minnesota State UniversityM.A., University of ArizonaPh.D., University of Arizona

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This is the Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology

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Medimmune Anand Subramony Vice President, New Product Technologies

Anand Subramony Jimmy Chen Marina Kirkitadze Mark Schobel

The growth of biopharma and patient compliance issues have encouraged us to adopt a drug delivery mind set from discovery through to production. Every year we see innovation and breakthroughs at every level of drug development. The DDF Summit brings the most innovative and exciting studies to you. Covering both small molecules and biologics , you’ll find new technologies , concepts and case studies in areas such as…

adopt a drug delivery mind set The DDF Summit brings the most innovative and exciting studies to you. both small molecules and biologics new technologies concepts case studies Formulation design for poorly soluble compounds The potential of nanotechnology for better deliverability The latest controlled released technologies Improving patient compliance by harnessing data and the latest smart device technology Optimising formulations for continuous manufacturing Overcoming the blood brain barrier and challenges in oral delivery of biologics Reformulation and biosimilars

You can see this year’s agenda . There are priority rates available for early delegate registration for 2018 . Secure your place . If you offer a solution or service to drug developers, then you can only attend as a commercial partner . Contact Alexandra Krcho for more information.

There are priority rates available for early delegate registration for 2018 If you offer a solution or service to drug developers, then you can only attend as a commercial partner

This summit is for Heads, Directors and Managers of:

The lack of timely, available expertise for brain CT scan interpretation can delay stroke patients from accessing life-saving treatments.

e-ASPECTS, a CE-marked, class IIa medical device circumvents this delay by automatically implementing the ASPECTS scoring system . The software's Artificial Intelligence (AI) amplifies the physician's ability to interpret the CT scans enabling rapid and consistent quantification of early ischemic brain damage.Physicians can review results, anywhere, in less than one minute.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Following diagnosis, ischemic stroke patients are assessed to receive thrombolysis, endovascular treatment or for severe cases, decompressive craniotomy. These treatments are time-sensitive and decisions must be made quickly, within the first few hours of stroke onset, to result in the best possible outcome for the patient.

e-ASPECTS is designed to speed up the clinical decision making process, to improve patient outcomes. It helps optimize patient selection for stroke treatments, which can reduce associated costs by limiting the length of stay in hospital.

Results can be easily accessed via PACS, through the e-ASPECTS web interface, or sent to a clinician’s smartphone via email, ensuring rapid sharing throughout the stroke team.

Consultants, stroke physicians, neurologists, radiologists, junior doctors, fellows, students, stroke nurses, clinical trials units and research organizations have all benefited from use of e-ASPECTS.

The manual ASPECTS scoring system is an established and clinically validated method of supporting treatment decisions in stroke, and was invented by Brainomix co-founder Professor Alastair Buchan, the Dean of Medicine and Professor of Stroke Medicine at the University of Oxford. Its use is recommended in acute stroke patient treatment guidelines, worldwide.

More than 250 publications have assessed the clinical utility of manual ASPECTS, demonstrating that the score is a strong predictor of patient outcome following stroke treatment.

Learn more about the ASPECTS method and .

Hear clinician feedback on e-ASPECTS, from the Stroke Unit at Heidelberg University Hospital.

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Fax: +44 (0) 1865 582752

E-mail: [email protected]

If this is your first visit to the e-ASPECTS demo, please register your details with Brainomix.

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published since 2000
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