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IT Management

Our consultants are committed to creating value within each and every engagement. Learn how experts at Column can help you define business processes, ensure implementation success and drive change.

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Your support staff member, Lingareddy went above and beyond the call of duty to not only solve a problem, but to also engage our team and to provide detailed information about his findings and the solutions.

Devi Seerattan, Service Request Systems Manager - Queens Library

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As a global technology solutions company, our goal is to deliver impactful results – it’s truly what sets us apart. We view our relationship with your business a partnership not a transaction. Our success is your success. Get to know us. You'll like what you find.

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Build, manage, and run a better cloud initiative. We’ll work with you to ensure a successful cloud journey.

With over 300+ global customer support clients, we understand what it takes to support your investment.

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Read our research and analysis—a perspective gleaned through 60 years working within higher education.

See how we’re fighting for policies that work better for students and their families.

See how we’re partnering to deliver and scale innovative services for students.

Sign up for a free Salt account, and gain the knowledge and confidence to take on one of life’s most important decisions: pursuing higher education.

Learn about our in-person counseling and support for any student who wants to attend college.

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Through our insights and innovation agenda, we seek to help students and families stay ahead of an evolving 21st century education and workforce landscape. Explore our industry-leading insights, research, and analysis below.

Higher Ed is using new learning models to address students’ concerns regarding how well degree programs can work for them. Download our latest infographic to learn more about these innovative models.

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Across the country, colleges and universities are bridging the gap between the career readiness of their students and the challenge employers have finding qualified applicants in a competitive market.

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The characteristics of today’s traditional college students have shifted. In fact, 70% of Americans pursuing a bachelor’s degree qualify as non-traditional students–making them the new majority.

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We advocate for change by addressing key provisions of federal, state, and local policy that will best help kids pursue education after high school and attain the credentials they need for career success.

We team with partners to research, pilot, and deliver innovative solutions to the challenges facing kids as they make their education and career choices.

Know yourself, know your options, and make smart choices. Choosing the right education path can be the first step in determining what the rest of your life will look like, so it’s important to know your options. Discover the education and career opportunities of your dreams and make a plan to get there.

Probably the greatest significance of Norm Macdonald’s new Netflix standup special Hitler’s Dog comes with the sparklingly succinct way Macdonald answers the industry’s political correctness controversies , at least from a comedian’s perspective, by situating some of the most repugnant and inflammatory remarks possible in the mouth of a made-up character, the titular dictator’s canine. Of course onstage it’s just Macdonald, in a suit humbly paired with dad sneakers, speaking the corrosive words. So, silly though they sound, with the wrong edit you might mistake them for Macdonald’s own views. “This is why we ask that you don’t use recording devices,” Macdonald says as a bumper to the bit.

Macdonald seems to be suggesting comedy comes from the same pocket of theatrical what-if as fiction or song, a hypothetical place, and shouldn’t be confused for advocacy—or anything to be argued with. You can find a song or a movie’s content objectionable, no doubt, but don’t treat it like it’s really real ; that Macdonald manages to communicate this without either polemic or defiance is an achievement of restraint.

Macdonald has worked in similar material before, like on Dennis Miller’s radio show when he toyed with the idea of a Holocaust-denying ventriloquist’s dummy, but here Macdonald folds the routine in with further explorations into the nature of reality, honesty, or the difference between immediate experience and imagination—so that the playing with masks gains in this case an added dimension in quite philosophical terrain.

For example, early in the special Macdonald muses on the existential horror of compulsive honesty, prompted by George Washington’s boyhood myth of the cherry tree. Later he revisits the struggle to tell the truth with a novel approach: “I thought of a way of not lying and I’ll share it with you if you like,” Macdonald says. “You can tell the truth, word for word absolutely true, but when you do it you use a sarcastic accent.” It becomes a gag about identity theft and heinous crimes all concealed by such a facetious “confession”—but again and again, between bits about autoerotic asphyxiation or the Six Million Dollar Man’s hearing aid, Macdonald returns to the subject of how arrangements of language and this interplay between literal and deceptive truths shape our minds’ interpretation of the world.

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