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View all Ask a Priest | October 4, 2016

Answered by Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC

A: It is good to hear of your devotion to Our Lady. You can depend on her for guidance and intercession.

Mortification has long been an accepted tool in the battle for Christian perfection. St. Thomas Aquinas said that people in religious life, for example, could become holy only if there was detachment from the things of this world (see his answer in the womens air jordan 3 uk mobile

We need not, however, imitate the extreme forms of mortification practiced by some saints. That might actually be counterproductive, because our tendency is to “make up” for those bouts of strict mortification we put ourselves through. Today we get by on bread and water, tomorrow we binge on Big Macs and ice cream.

The best mortification is usually moderate. This means, in addition to forgoing meat or some other favorite food on Fridays, that we learn to take smaller desserts or use less seasoning on food. We could take slightly cooler showers, or jump out of bed at the first sound of the alarm in the morning.

These little acts of mortification will go a long way to help us discipline ourselves, and they can also be offered in reparation for our sins and for the sins of the world. The key thing is that we mortify for a spiritual motive.

The Catechism in No. 2015 says: “The way of perfection passes by way of the Cross. There is no holiness without renunciation and spiritual battle. Spiritual progress entails the ascesis and mortification that gradually lead to living in the peace and joy of the Beatitudes: He who climbs never stops going from beginning to beginning, through beginnings that have no end. He never stops desiring what he already knows.”

Don’t be afraid of mortification, then. But don’t overdo it, either. If you have doubts about a particular practice, check with a reliable confessor or spiritual director.

(For more reading see this nike blazer vintage high olive
by Father John Bartunek.)

I hope this helps.

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to post a comment.

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Overview of RancherOS

RancherOS is the smallest, easiest way to run Docker in production. Everything in RancherOS is a container managed by Docker. This includes system services such as udev and syslog . Because it only includes the services necessary to run Docker, RancherOS is dramatically smaller than most traditional operating systems. By removing unnecessary libraries and services, requirements for security patches and other maintenance are dramatically reduced. This is possible because, with Docker, users typically package all necessary libraries into their containers.

Another way in which RancherOS is designed specifically for running Docker is that it always runs the latest version of Docker. This allows users to take advantage of the latest Docker capabilities and bug fixes.

Like other minimalist Linux distributions, RancherOS boots incredibly quickly, generally in 5-10 seconds. Starting Docker containers is nearly instant, similar to starting any other process. This quickness is ideal for organizations adopting microservices and autoscaling.

Docker is an open-source platform designed for developers, system admins, and DevOps, it is used to build, ship, and run containers, using simple yet powerful CLI (Command Line Interface), you can get started with Docker from nike air max 97 ultra gym red release the panic music video

Note: If you are planning on installing to disk , you will need at least 1024MB of RAM.


Everything in RancherOS is a Docker container. We accomplish this by launching two instances of Docker. One is what we call System Docker , the first process on the system. All other system services, like ntpd , syslog , and console , are running in Docker containers. System Docker replaces traditional init systems like systemd , and can be used to launch additional system services .

System Docker

System Docker runs a special container called Docker , which is another Docker daemon responsible for managing all of the user’s containers. Any containers that you launch as a user from the console will run inside this Docker. This creates isolation from the System Docker containers, and ensures normal user commands don’t impact system services.


We created this separation because it seemed logical and also it would really be bad if somebody did docker rm -f $(docker ps -qa) and deleted the entire OS.

Contact Us

AJO Ambulance Services 1850 N Ajo Gila Bend Hwy Ajo, AZ 85321

Phone : 520 387-5154




Or use our contact form .

Ajo Ambulance, Inc. began operations in 1991 with one ambulance, loaned to the community by the Arizona Department of Health Services, and two Basic EMTs.Twenty-six years later Ajo Ambulance employs 17 paramedics, 27 basic EMTs and support personnel. The service operates six trucks daily and averages 3000 calls per year. Ajo Ambulanceprovides top notch Emergency Medical Services tothe communities of,, and air jordan 6 sport blue og wrestling
in Western Pima County in southwestern Arizona.AjoAmbulancealso serves the villages located on thewestern portion of the nike free 50 womens grey purple color
. Phoenix and Tucson provide the nearest public hospitals, as well as the nearest emergency rooms and trauma centers. Critical patients are usually taken to rendezvous pointwith a helicopter for transport to a hospital. Sells Indian Hospital, provides primary, emergency, and in-patient care for members of the Tohono O'odham Nation. Most Tohono O'odham patients are initially taken to this facility. Ajo Ambulance has five stations on the Tohono O’odham Nation. Station 2 is located at the Santa Rosa Boarding School complex; Station 3 is located at San Simon, Station 5 is located in the Hickiwan Desert Trails RV Park, Station 6 is located at Lower Covered Wells in Gu Achi District, and our newest station is located in the village of Jack Rabbit 20 miles north of Casa Grande, Az. All of the Stations on the Nation are staffed by paramedics.

You can pay on your account by using our online pay feature. For more information please call us at 520-387-4549 or you may speak with our Billing Department at 520-387-6538 and set up a payment plan.


To contact our Billing Department please call 520-387-6538

New link that allows you to determine if you qualify for Health Plansunder the Federal Exchange and what plans may be available to you.

Achieve with us.

The mission of The Arc of Massachusetts is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, and their families. We fulfill this through advocacy for community supports and services that foster social inclusion, self-determination, and equity across all aspects of society.

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For the week of April 9, 2018 through April 16, 2018, will be online and offline intermittently. We are currently working to optimize our website and make it better than ever before for all our valuable constituents.Please bear with us as we work through this period of transition. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media for the latest information! supreme x nike air force one low

For the week of April 9, 2018 through April 16, 2018, will be online and offline intermittently.

In the fall of 2017, the Trustees and Advisors of the Becker Family Trust in conjunction with the Becker Center for Advocacy received dozens of incredible applications for the Becker Family Trust Grants for Innovation. nike womens air max 1 ultra moire mint kcMXxHOQ

Everything we do outside our home requires transportation: shopping, visits to family or friends, work, religious observance, and school. Historically, parents play the major role in transportation, even as the child becomes a teen and then an adult. How much a parent does varies with each family. Expectations are rising as new generations of families realize the barriers faced by their youth and adult offspring. Continue reading

Chair of The Arc of Massachusetts Steering Committee on Disability Policy and Advocacy Janet Rico was presented with the 2018 Allen Crocker M.D. Health Services Award at the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) State Wide Advisory Council Celebration. Janet, the Assistant Dean of Graduate Nursing at Northeastern’s LaBouve School, has had two different tenures on The Arc’s Governing Board. She serves on the Board of Fallon Health and on the PCA Workforce Council. air jordan iii white cement nrg scrubs

Joe Cabral was honored this week at the State House during the MA Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Statewide Advisory Council Celebration. This special recognition is for achieving a successful transition when he turned 22. nike free usage

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